Elegant Summer Camp

An empty nest couple tasked the GCID team with creating more than just a lake house getaway:  they wanted a legacy gathering place on the site of the simple cabin where they spent summers raising their children.  The goal was to create a stylish, welcoming, and multi-purpose family compound that would be enjoyed today and for generations to come.

The main design goal for the GCID team was to bring an understated yet elegant east coast family summer camp glamor to a lakefront in the Pacific Northwest where lodge style is de rigueur.

The property includes three freestanding structures: a rambling 12,000 square foot elegant main house, a guest cabin that accommodates a family of four, and a whimsical beach house created for lakeside entertaining (that can also sleep an extra four guests).

The scale of the interior spaces required innovative design solutions: while the rooms and windows are grandly proportioned,  the overall impression needed to be welcoming, cozy and comfortable for times when the couple reside there alone.  Throughout the home, materials and fabrications are of the highest quality and thoroughly refined, matching the owners’ personal style, while also being approachable and comfortable.   The finished home conjures the quintessential rustic lake house charm while providing an ideal setting for gracious entertaining on both intimate and large scales.

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