Wine Country Estate

This stunning project was a culmination of dreams for the owners, as well as an unforgettable opportunity for the entire GCID team. Having lived their entire adult lives in an inherited family home, the owners' vision was to create a livable masterpiece on the edge of their vast farmlands.

GCID collaborated with the couple and their architect, sketching ideas and drawings from conception to delivery. Much of the design concept prioritized the locale, perched on the edge of a rocky outcropping that overlooks the pastoral landscape.

GCID created an abundance of custom furniture that's grounded and strong to command attention in a soaring space, yet supremely comfortable and elegant. Everywhere you look is a play in contrasts between rustic and refined, with polished natural elements including raw timber and precious woods. Stonework quarried from the local area as well as the South of France creates a spell of history, meaning and texture.

This expansive house serves multiple purposes, designed for large family gatherings, business and charity events, yet at its heart it's an intimate retreat for a couple living their dream, day in and out. A multitude of delights such as the infinity edge pool that overlooks the stunning valley panorama and an indoor golf simulator make this home a highly personal and extraordinarily beautiful living work of art.

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